Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Towards the East End

I have managed to get the rail down on one of the last of the turnouts. This is the one that closes the loop at the far (East) end of the layout. I don't know if it was a self-conscious thing, or over confidence but I had more problems with that one than any of the rest. Sometimes when you have limited time available to work you do try and use it when actually it might be better to do something else and not try and force things. Anyway the point is in and running, which has allowed me to start working back along the loop. Here is progress so far;

Looking back down the layout. The station platform will be to the left 

Since the photograph was taken another point has been fitted into the straight running line. This is to create a very typical GNSR feature which used a cross over as a catch point. And no, I don't know why either, but it was something of a signature item for the company.

As progress continues there are now a number of separate areas where work can continue. This was designed to ensure that there was always something that could be done when a spare hour was found. Unfortunately I have now run out of rail and chairs! Oh well time to send off for supplies.

An overall view looking back from station end.

The next stage is to fit up point motors and progress with wiring. 

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