Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Slowly but Reasonably Surely

Slowly but surely. Probably an apt description of proceedings on the layout, but I do keep reminding myself that if I just wanted to run trains I could have used RTR track. That thought usually returns me to the world where the enjoyment is in building things rather than just running things. Of course the moral high ground is great until you realise that you are not so much building anything as taking part in a form of Chinese water torture - or threading chairs as finescalers prefer to call it. I rather like the 2mm approach to track building which involves threading rail into pre-formed track bases and wonder why that is not an obviously marketable product across the range of 4mm chairs. 

However with a little bit of track laid I am now able to step back and admire the fact that you cannot even tell if the chairs are 4 bolt or not. But I know, so that is probably all that matters.

Trackwork in the yard starts to fan out
Having laid the initial cross-over I decided to work all one way, towards the station, as the other direction is simple single track. This was intended to give me an increasing number of elements that I could work on and the idea has worked well. For example I am able to lay sleepers for one siding and whilst they are setting in position I can put down a length of rail and chairs on another. You will see from the photograph above that I can lay one rail, allow that to dry securely and continue to work on another line. I don't have an awful lot of modelling time so when I do get a chance there is always something ready to be be worked on.

The two lines furthest right are the through line and the loop which since this photograph the point has been removed and relocated farther out in order to extend the passing loop and to bring the entrance to the yard inside that loop, a much more typical arrangement. The other tracks are the 4 sidings in the yard, with the short stub siding that will provide an end loading capability from the loading bank. 

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