Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Sunday, 28 September 2014

First Signs of Life

This posting has been copied over from the layout blog which is being merged back into this main blog in order to hopefully make sense of any progress.

The first element of the station track work to be tackled was the entrance to the goods yard. A simple cross-over leads into the yard and provides a head-shunt. This was where I decided to start track laying and can update the blog to show the cross-over is almost established, with track down and wagons rolling through the junction.

Tracklaying underway on Auchenreoch

Timbering is from the S4 Society with C&L chairs. Its the first time I have used interlaced sleeping and it is not all that easy to figure out just where everything goes, but I think I am about right. It is harder to find accurate information but you can often catch a glimpse of one tucked away in the corner of a photograph, usually taken of a different subject altogether. What I have come to realise is that the interlaced point lasted much, much longer and across a wider range of locations than I previously thought. I have also found out that the local ganger had a good deal of autonomy when it came to the exact build, so for areas of uncertainty the thing to do it put yourself in his shoes and think about how a practical solution would have been found on the ground.

The pointwork is build using the C&L chairs for alignment, in other words I am not using the Brooke-Smith rivet method, but the Vee is aditionally located by soldering onto 2 pins hammered through the pre-punched holes in the S4S sleepers. The wing rails are treated similarly and this will hopefully give a secure and permenant location for the crossing. I have used full lengths of rail wherever possible so as to reduce the number of joints. I will later go back and put in either cuts for electrical insulation or nick the top of the rails to put in the rail joints.

I have not as yet finalised my plan for operating the turnouts, but as per previous projects this will be done outside of the track work rather than between the rails. In the meantime I need to fit the second rail to the approach lines. So back to threading on chairs!

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