Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Sunday, 16 February 2014


I really do appreciate the effort that members of our wide community go to in bringing new ideas, techniques and products to our hobby. Do I want to be an innovator? No thank you. I watch others in their efforts and will wish them luck, but I have no desire to be at the cutting edge of design and have over the last couple of weeks rediscovered my liking for KISS. That of course being - Keep It Simple Stupid.

There is a great deal said about how to build your baseboards and how to do this and that. I am reverting to what I know works. In fact the timber substructure of my baseboards has been re-used from the previous project. Is it high-tech? No its pre-packed timber from B&Q. I was looking to use a sub-base for the trackwork so that it could be build off board and had looked at foamboard or thin ply. The foamboard curled up quite spectacularly and the ply developed a twist. I have instead resorted to building the track work in place and problem solved. I am not against using new or adapting traditional methods, far from it. I am just conscious that we are sometimes too quick to overcomplicate things in a desire to be seen to be contemporary.

One thing that I consider invaluable is the mysterious world of the internet. Hiding amongst all of the weirdness of the online dwelling space is an absolute wonder of resources for the railway enthusiast and modeller. Line societies, scale societies, groups, clubs, specialist forum and chat groups, maps, photographs and a great many fellow travellers who are willing to share their knowledge of the subject. A recent example of this was a query I had on the setting out of point work on the former Caledonian Railway. Within a couple of days I had a selection of drawings, sketches, comments and suggestions, none of which would have been practical or even possible without the internet. 

My interpretation of the Caledonian interlaced turnout. Various facts were obtained via the CRA web forum, especially the fact that the local ganger would have quite a bit of scope to make things work on site. Bonus!

Even my ability to share this tale with a wider audience is only possible via the web. The amount of information available and the access to people with a willingness to help others perhaps makes the internet the greatest innovation in our hobby.

To make full use of the power of the internet, I have set up a separate blog to follow the detail of the layout development. Auchenreoch is available here. You are cordially invited to come along and join in the journey.

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