Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Start is Made

I must confess, and no doubt you have guessed - there have been times where writing something on my blog has been easier than having to do some real modelling. So this posting may come as a shock as I am writing it whilst waiting for glue to dry. Cork is being applied to baseboards!

So it seems only right and proper to formally introduce my new attic project  - Auchenreoch.

Set out with templates and Peco flex, the basic shape starts to develop.

The project is;

A Caledonian Railway rural branch line based on the Brechin to Edzell route. The difference will be that the route carried on (as was at one time proposed) to reach into the area known as the Mearns, tapping into Fettercairn, Auchenblae and joining the main line to Aberdeen at Drumlithie.

The layout will include a small station based on Inchbare with a number of sidings to serve local agriculture and industry. I plan to write a background story to support the setting and it will include the creation of a number of new distilleries. There were some in the area already, I am just adding some more in the same way that the GNSR lines generated an expansion of that industry around Speyside. 

Trackwork will be P4, with point work using interlaced sleepers. Timbers and chairs are hopefully on route but as can be seen, bits of paper template and some 00 flex have been shuffled around to get the track plan set out roughly. The interlaced B7 and B8 templates were created by a friend and as I only have one life, Templot will be out for the foreseeable future. 

I have tried to find a project to compliment my existing stock as I don't want to have to build everything at the same time, so there will be some early BR steam running in one era and BR green diesels running in another.

In line with some of my earlier posting I will be making this project with whatever I can, so expect to see RTR running on scale track.

The layout will run up one side of the attic which avoids overly tight curves and gives a good length.

Now what will I put on the other side? Oh no.......

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