Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Blank Canvas Part 1

There really should be no better time of the year to do a bit of a retrospective and a 'hopeful' look forward, but of course any hope of doing this - or just about anything else - falls into the best laid schemes category. I have managed to take a bit of time off work but the fact that this has coincided with the schools being off has meant little or no actual modelling time. I have however been able to do something over the past few months since I last updated these ramblings and now have 6 baseboards of 4x2' sitting waiting for some form of decoration to be added to them. 

The biggest stumbling block to recent progress was overcoming the phycological barrier involved in taking down what was already there. I had over the previous months (and years) confirmed to myself that the layout as it was no longer served the purpose that it had been build for and it needed to be replaced. Making the first cut to remove it proved a little more difficult to do than I at first imagined it would. I have found out that I am a lot more sentimental than I thought I was. However that first cut was made, baseboards have been taken back to the frame and re-surfaced and I now have virgin territory to work with.

I wanted to make these boards removable, which meant reducing the width as in order to slip the board between the trusses each must be rotated and removed on an angle. This angle restricts the available height for back scenes or scenery, so the best compromise was a smaller board.The question now of course is what will go on these boards?

My weakness is not being able to focus in on any one specific project. I see something interesting and I'm off on another journey of possibility. The real problem is that most of these ideas are mutually exclusive, either because of location, or time period, or scale or scope, etc, etc. Another thing we need to consider is achievability. There is of course no one answer to that as we all have differing time and finance available, but at some point we can be overambitious and the whole project falls like a house of cards. I will be looking back over some of the ideas and plans that have been considered and look at how I have refined these over and over (and it seems like over and over again) in order to discount options to the point where I hopefully have a project I can work with.

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