Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

First Power

With limited time to devote to building a model empire, how do you best prioritise what you do and what impact does that have on the choices we make in what to model? I have been thinking about that today. It's snowing heavily outside so I'm not travelling far, I've done a couple of quick jobs for work to get them out of the way, I was away much of last week and am facing Thursday to Sunday away this week, so I thought I would set aside some time for me. Ah - "the best laid schemes o'Mice an Men…." The down side of being at home on a working day is that the e-mails don't stop and the phone still rings. However I have done a little bit of modelling, a bit of weathering actually. Realistically this is how my modelling time works. A few minutes snatched when I can, so I need to recognise this and accept it, rather than try and fight against it. Its just something else to work around, rather than a barrier that will stop me dead.

I mentioned in an earlier one of these blogs that I had a project getting stripped. The loco in question was a Bachmann A1 which was in the late BR period green livery. 24hrs dipped in brake fluid dealt with the previous colour scheme. I probably spend too long taking off handrails and the likes, making a couple of mistakes along the way, but finally got down to a blank canvass. So much emphasise has been placed recently on the use of the airbrush that I felt like a heretic when I brush painted the Express Passenger Blue paint on. But with a couple of coats of Klear it was looking well. I used a combination of Modelmaster lining and HMRS Methfix numbers to get 60159 looking the part on an early 1950's express passenger loco.

As part of my research for the Dundee to Edinburgh line through North Fife I had read a lot about the condition that Haymarket kept their locos in. They were extremely proud of their allocation and paid a great deal of attention to the cleanliness of their fleet. I have tried to show the loco in a clean, but used condition and again have avoided the use of the airbrush. Instead I applied the weathering mix and then removed it with a cloth, rather like my scaled down cleaners had been hard at work on her. 

This project has taken quite a few weeks and highlights the rather stark difference between what I want to achieve, what I think I will achieve and what I can actually achieve. I know through the pre-planning that I have done that I like to see my trains operating, so if I want to get anything running I will have to use whatever is available to help that process. I will have to rely heavily on RTR renumbers and reliveries etc and I have in this one re-paint confirmed that I cannot do this next project in anything other than 00. I can also look now at a loco that, although not quite completed, shows that the time period chosen will work.

60159 Bonnie Dundee 
It has taken a lot longer than it should have, but I finally have my first distinctly early 50's period locos in my fleet. Its been a good experience and a number of valuable lessons learned. I feel focussed on this project but I am equally sure I will have distractions along the way and with limited time this may not be an efficient way of working, but hey, its supposed to be about enjoying ourselves after all.

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