Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Winter Exhibiting

I haven't taken a layout to an exhibition for many years. In fact I haven't been on the "other side" of the barriers at an exhibition for years. So getting an invitation to take Claterinbrigg to Aberdeen was a pleasant surprise - and of course a spur on the get some things done that might have languished unfinished for long enough. So as I packed the car last night for the 60 odd mile run I was rather looking forward to a different weekend from my usual. Having only gotten as far as setting out, it has already turned out to be an interesting adventure. You see Scotland has a most unusual sense of humour - and I mean the country not just the people - and last night decided it was appropriate timing for the first (and second) blizzard of the winter. The journey up was slow and dogged progress through heavy snowfall but our line of vehicles resolutely plodded north in single file, with the tailights in front acting as a guide to the way ahead. I was fortunate enough that a good friend had offered to put up with the cramped front seat and come with me, so together we passed a slow and taxing journey.

On arrival at the venue the various exhibitors and organisers were trying their best to get vehicles down to the access doors and were literally pushing and pulling them back out. Fortunately Claterinbrigg is the size of nothing and a quick dash in through the front door avoided the evening performance of "Unloading on Ice".

The good news is that the layout was up and running in short order and seems to look the part.


The bad news was that we faced the journey home again. Rutted snow had accumulated and was freezing, traffic was moving but slower than necessary and the snow was coming back on. Now of course it might have been better to stay overnight during the show, but those of us who inhabit the real world and have to work for a living, we need to deal with shifts and wives/partners  etc work schedules, so overnight was not an option for me.

Anyway the layout is up, running and I get to drive back to Aberdeen today. The good news is that so far - the snow is off.

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