Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Friday, 19 October 2012

Frustration #2

No longer having regular working hours has advantages (flexibility) and disadvantages (less free time) so the way I work and what I do has had to change. I have over the last year or so been more content working on a piece of stock in the evening, whilst Mrs D watches telly or whatever. The days that I had free for working in the attic seem like a distant memory. I am fortunate in that Balbeggie Sidings was built and is running so I can go and play if I want. The problem is that the want seems to happen less. 

Balbeggie Sidings frustrates me because I know I could do better, Peco points have served their purpose, but in truth they just don't cut it. The layout is too big and there is too much stock to completely change and I still rather like it actually. The ability to run decent length trains is not something to give up easily, but I have found myself more and more taking a pick-up freight and a sound fitted loco and just spending some time shunting. Its quite relaxing. 

If the choice is to model less (as in a smaller scene not once a year) but to a higher standard that becomes quite attractive, but when you take it to an extreme (Claterinbrigg) there is little operational interest. And the the thing that sets railway modelling apart from other scale modelling is the attempt to replicate the operation.

So frustration #2 - not enough time to use what you have, and what you have isn't as good as what you produce when you don't have enough time to use it! I'll leave that thought hanging there!

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The use of a sound fitted loco to shunt a few wagons is a relaxing way to pass a bit of time, when there is not enough time to run a session.

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