Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Frustration #1

I have always admired those modellers who are able to start off a project, do the research and build something that remotely resembles what they set out to do. That clarity of direction is an element that does not appear in my periodic table. I don't mean the overly obsessive types who only ever want to model their favourite station as it was on the 14th of June 1952, just those who can set out on a theme and stick with it.

When I set out to build Balbeggie Sidings I had new babies to contend with, so I knew my time would be limited. I did however have regular hours so could get a chance to progress the layout. The choice I made then was for the rapid progress provided by Peco. With hindsight that has left me less than satisfied. At the other extreme I have been getting my small P4 layout ready to exhibit. This has the advantage on nice looking track, but I cannot ever see me completing a major project as a lone worker. Plus the thought of converting steam locos that run really well as they are is off-putting. 

So the frustration is how do you balance a desire to have good quality trackwork, with RTR steam locos, when the thought of hand-building points in anything other than P4 seems - well - pointless but the thought of re-wheeling a perfect running loco seems overwhelming? 

Is the atmosphere of a layout more important than absolute dimensional accuracy? Is achievability the defining factor? 

The answer - if that is the correct term - is probably very personal but for me I think the prospect of having several B1 4-6-0's on a layout will be more likely if it is build in 00.

The next question is where to build it?


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